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Buy one and it’ll cost you… $5.

If you really want to destroy your life and adopt 2 or more, we'll ship them for free.
Ah. Classic Fuggler shenanigans! Dampen a washcloth with warm water, and spot-clean the problem areas.
In Fuggler sizing, 27–42 gazillion. In human terms, clothing for tiny infants works!
Maybe you’re really, really good-looking.
None of your beeswax. Get outta here with your nosiness.
Ummm this is awkward. Start curating your breakup playlist now, I guess?
Tbh, there’s no legit reason. But when you do, you’ll be encouraged to check out our Insta, which has #goals Fuggler #content.
Abandon this fruitless plan entirely, right now.
For sure! If you truly despise the recipient.
At these reputable establishments: Walmart, Target, GameStop and Best Buy. Is that...really something you want to do, though?
Shhhhhh. Hush, now. It’s okay. It will all be okay.