The Vampire Diaries: Season 3, Episode 13
Our Town
Previously on V Diaries, Jeremy-leaving, Stefan-mean, Klaus-mad, Elena+Damon-kissing. This week, many, many things, including the near-death of two main characters, two completely versions of well-established characters, and naked Damon! In other words, a very entertaining hour of television.

This episode had a lot of things happening, so forgive me if I missed one or two. We begin with Elena angry and working out with Alaric, the sentiment to which I attribute confusion about her kissing her first love's big brother, her distress at manipulating and exiling her younger brother, and her general unhappiness with life. Damon, meanwhile, is jauntily getting out of the shower, and teasing his younger brother, as the two head to old witch house (Stefan actually referred to it as "old witch house" in this episode. I couldn't come up with a better moniker for the place, and apparently the writers couldn't either) to try to open up Klaus's mystery coffin. I am so curious about this coffin, but the rest of the episode was so jam-packed I'd completely forgotten by the end. A lurking hybrid almost chances upon the hidden coffins, leading Stefan to his newest batshit quest: to become "the better villain" in the apparent villain-off between himself and Klaus, and to force the previous big bad to dispatch his hybrids. Honestly, I'm struggling with figuring out how to feel about this latest incarnation of Stefan (as is Elena, obviously, as we will see towards the end of the episode). While I find him entertaining and I'm glad he's getting the upper hand on Klaus, I am so uncomfortable with the idea of him being the actual bad guy that it's disquieting watching the show at times. Paul Wesley is doing a great job, though, embodying this evil version of Stefan so well that I struggle to recall the lovely Stefan of previous seasons (He even reminds me of Angel-Angelus, which is high praise coming from me, who absolutely loves David Boreanaz as Angel). In any case, Stefan threatens to rid the world of Klaus's family if he doesn't get his way, but then escalates the threat by kidnapping Elena and coming dangerously close to turning her into a vampire to eliminate Klaus's blood source. Stefan wins this round, sparking a horrible scene as Elena confronts him about the really mean shit he's doing, and seems to realize, finally, that the man she loved is gone.

While all of this is happening, Caroline is mourning her birthday and having some sort of existential crisis. While I was watching the episode, I was really confused about Caroline's sadness, as I didn't think there'd been much indication that she'd be this upset in previous episodes. Then I remembered the battles with both of her parents, and her undying love for high school and all of its accompanying silliness. So it makes sense that the girl most happy about being a real girl would be upset about never getting to grow up. The scene with the four old friends celebrating Caroline's funeral was precious, but then Tyler had to go and accidentally follow the orders of his sire, biting Caroline and sentencing her to a horrible death.

Luckily, Klaus decides that he has some sort of weird affection for Caroline (I'm assuming it's his sister issues) and gives her a speech about all the living she had left to do before saving her life. I was very confused by this scene, but also pleased to see a different side of Klaus, and very glad that my favorite character would live.

Alaric gets to know Meredith Fell a bit better, and the two flirt a bit (making me miss Aunt Jenna. She was adorable). We are also introduced to a bit of intrigue surronding the doctor, which gives me high hopes for Dr. Fell's continued existence on the show.

And Jeremy left. Very sad, and I honestly wasn't super invested in Bonnie's plot. I understand her anger about Elena's manipulation of her brother, but I think it's Elena's call. Her actions caused Jeremy to have his life constantly in danger, and it's up to her to keep him safe from all of that. And Damon and Elena had another moment at the end of the episode. It's right, but we will have to wait, apparently. Overall, such a good episode. So many things happening. Sigh. I love V Diaries.

Grade: B+


-Matt was good this episode, providing a pleasant counterpoint to all the craziness happening. Sometimes, humans can be helpful.

-Klaus's new house is very nice.

-"Suddenly you care about who lives or dies?

-"I have a small list"

-"No dead hybrids at the founders party!"

-"Thank god, another day drinker." This show has many many day drinkers. But I understand, Dr. Fell.

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