HIMYM: Season 7, Episode 9
Disaster Averted
Sam Lindauer
What HIMYM needed this week was a shot in the arm. While any Ted-centric story has clearly been put on hold for the time being (we'll have more developments on the mother by 2014 probably), the show needs to get its stand-alone episodes straight.

Probably my greatest source of grief about the show lately has been how it has bungled up stories that don't involve Ted on his quest to find "the one". The thing is, the show was often at its best early on in its run where it established fun bets, ways to make fun of Ted and have Marshall screaming about something. This week delivered that in spades. Plus we got a little Barney and Robin that will change the course of the season for those two.

This week we had two main plots that were nicely intertwined (another hallmark of this show at its best). Barney comes to the bar this week wanting to rid himself of the ducky tie which he was burdened with since losing a bet at the beginning of the season. Kal "I don't know why he's still here, perhaps it has something to do with the release of the NPH/Kal Penn film Harold and Kumar's Christmas 3-D" Penn does some quick therapist magic and discovers that Barney wants out of the ducky tie so badly now because he's meeting Nora's parents. This leads to Barney proposing a deal to get out of the tie. An extra slap. Fans of the show know how big of a deal slaps are in the mythology of the show. This was a fantastic way of reminding fans of what they love so much about the show.

But the A-Story this week dealt with Hurricane Irene, which struck the city this summer. We learn why there is a "No Boogie Boarding" sign outside of McClarens, but more importantly we learn that Barney and Robin still have feelings for each other. In the car ride home following the present conversation, Barney and Robin have yet another cute kiss where they both joke about how they wouldn't kiss. It worked well and will hopefully lead to the drawing and quartering of Nora and the Robin/Barney wedding where TED WILL MEET THE MOTHERFUCKING MOTHER. Sorry I had a small stroke there. This episode had a lot of laughs and a lot of nods to devoted fans of the show. It feels good to see a new HIMYM episode that doesn't have utter contempt for its fans. This I can get used to.



-Barney's elaborate story on how he lost the tie at the top of the show was awesome.

- Didn't mention something that probably made me laugh the most: Marshall's growing fear of death after his insurance ran out. Him being mauled by bears was hilarious. It just shows that Jason Segel screaming is ALWAYS good comedy.

-The boyscout list of insults was great and also very solid old school HIMYM humor.

-Also we find out where Lily and Marshall conceive the child-Barney's bathroom. Please name the baby Hurricane Erickson!!

-There are now two slaps remaining. My guess is that one will be used again this year (probs the wedding?) while I (and probably Jordan) think that the final slap will be saved for the last episode of the show.

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