Cougar Town: Season Four, Episode 4
I Should Have Known It
I was really worried about Cougar Town when I learned it was moving to TBS, and that Bill Lawrence was stepping down as showrunner. I worried it'd be less funny, that it'd make less sense, that my investment with the characters would diminish, that the outfits would be less amazing. So I was very pleasantly surprised that the show has maintained its awesomeness, with barely any missteps. My only complaint might be that the show has been fairly heavy"”every episode has centered on some really big, important character stuff, which means that the silly shenanigans have taken a back seat (and with the shenanigans, Laurie). "I Should Have Known It" totally rectified that situation. I am very pleased.

The center plot of this episode was pure silliness, and it was amazing. Jules and Laurie, after being introduced to Tom's hot new blonde girlfriend, decide she must be a golddigger, and begin conducting an investigation into her life. This involves some rooftop spying, breaking and entering, and even a little kidnapping, all of which is as hilarious and amazing as one might hope. At the culmination of the episode, Laurie and Jules, after locking Tom's girlfriend in the closet, apologize and run away, only to have Tom admit that his boo was, in fact, a golddigger. For a moment toward the end of the episode, I remembered what a terrible person Jules can be, and was kind of grossed out by her treatment of Tom, which has always been pretty terrible. The episode redeemed itself, however, by having Jules point out that her insanity was really in service to her friendship with Tom, as friends always creepily stalk and assault friend's new significant others. Or something. The point is, Jules admitted that she and Tom are friends, and even invited him into the house! This is huge! A new member of the Cul-de-Sac Crew!

I always love when Cougar Town shakes up its character pairings, and this was an excellent episode for that. In the other main plot, Ellie attempts to teach Bobby some manners, so that he may someday find someone who will give him a second date. I actually really love Bobby and Ellie together, as they do genuinely care about each other, and it's always nice to see Ellie's sentimental side come out. After a day spent trying to show Bobby what it means to be a gentleman, Ellie goes off, calling him out for his general ineptitude. Travis talks to Ellie, tells her she's too mean, but the episode ends on a lovely note, as Ellie admits how much she loves Bobby, and Bobby forces her to acknowledge his charm (seriously, Bobby's the charming-est). Also, both Jules and Andy kind of want the two of them to end up together. And so do I, now.

This episode had two of my favorite Cougar Town things: mismatched partners, and shenanigans. I am very happy.


--The Grayson-Andy plot was pretty minor, but I do love the two of them together. There's something about Grayson's handsome smarminess that really works with Andy's adorable dorkiness. I wish they would always do weird stuff together.

--Grayson's impressions continue to be amazing/freak me out.

--Two things: 1. Jules' new kissing on the mouth goodbye is really strange, yet oddly appropriate for the creepiness that this crew can get up to. And 2. The Latin Kings handshake was also weird, but really awesome.

--The outfits in this episode. Dear goodness, they were so good! Ellie finally stepped her game up, especially with that weird, vaguely Western all-black thing, and Laurie is just crushing it. I love looking at the crazy shit the costume designers come up with.

--"Hot dog doctor"

--"I hate lie-shirts"

--So many "Change approved!" jokes lately.

--Finally, Ellie kissing Grayson = hot.

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